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What we offer

We provide a results-driven culture for teams looking to strengthen their infrastructure. Our job is to create a cognitive & immersive experience filled with unique challenges & puzzles through engaging storylines. Your job is simple: be observant and use teamwork to achieve your objective and escape the room within the given time limit.


Communicate effectively with your team to stay focused on the goal.


Lead your team to success through unique, creative and challenging puzzles.


Exercise innovative skills to discover and implement out-of-the-box solutions


Be immersed and entertained with our hand crafted puzzles and escape room experiences!

Can your team solve the murder mystery of Abigail’s Playroom? Can they keep their cool while immersed in a high-priority heist mission in The Estate? Let's find out together to see if your team has what it takes to escape the room!

What's included in this package

  • Discounted admission to both of our escape rooms for group sizes ranging from 10 to 35 members!
  • Use of our Multipurpose Area (automatically included for larger packages)
    • We provide tables, seating, and music
    • We'll help you set up any food or drinks that you bring or have catered to our facility

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