Abigail's Playroom

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Abigail's Playroom - A Murder/Mystery Theme

- Edison, NJ

Little Abigail Pierson has been murdered in the Pierson's mansion, and all evidence points towards her parents, and quite possibly her nanny as well. Filled with grief, shock, and a desire for truth, the family's loyal butler now requests your immediate assistance to determine the facts behind this mysterious death. The police are at a dead end because their primary investigator has gone missing while in pursuit of evidence inside Abigail's Playroom.


As the butler’s secret investigators, it is up to you to discover the truth and bring justice to this case. All primary suspects are about to be questioned, and you have one hour to search Abigail's Playroom for evidence before the court's decision is finalized. Beware, however, as the playroom is designed to be Mr. Pierson's "greatest puzzle" ever, in which case... you must have what it takes to escape the room.


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