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The Escape Plan delivers immersive escape room experiences with attention to detail, design, & storyline. We craft our work to bring out the highest level of entertainment.

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Abigail's Playroom - A Murder/Mystery Theme

A tragedy has occurred in the Pierson household involving little Abigail, and all those closest to her are being questioned by the court. Filled with grief, shock, and a desire for truth, the family's loyal butler now requests your immediate assistance to determine the facts behind this puzzle-packed mystery. The police are at a dead end because their primary investigator has gone missing while in pursuit of evidence inside Abigail's Playroom.

The Estate - A Heist Theme

Richard Prasad is determined to become the greatest ‘Master of Puzzles’, and he will do anything in his power to claim this title. Recently, it has come to light that Mr. Prasad has stolen a particular set of blueprints containing the Greatest Puzzle Ever, and he has hidden it in a secret and highly guarded area of his Estate. The Black Knight Organization, the original creators of the blueprints, aim to retrieve the masterful puzzle designs from The Estate without alarming Richard. They are able to provide a 60-minute window in which a group of highly skilled agents will infultrate and obtain the documents safely and securely. Will you rise up to the challenge as undercover agents to help set things right?


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